Work Wardrobe Wednesday

Getting dressed for work is so often a chore for me. I realize this is a completely invalid complaint since I get dressed for work no more than twice a week, sometimes three times if it's a busy week. Most days I'm working in my athleisure gear...and loving every second of that!

I work in a relatively conservative, business casual office. Creating a look that's classic and chic without being repetitive and basic is a pretty tall order. I had such a tough time finding pieces that were comfortable enough to get me through the entire workday looking fresh and fun - until I found these, wait for it, Lululemon City Trek Trouser. Yes, these are a Lululemon trouser pant- and they are the staple my work wardrobe cannot exist without! 

This particular style is sold out online, but the Jet Pant here are amazing as well and are perfect for a business casual office! 

I don't know about y'all, but I'm a firm believer in "Dress Well, Test Well". The days that I throw on something and run out the door, I'm so much less productive than the days when I feel absolutely fabulous. These pants transform from a classic ankle pant to a chic black skinny pant with simple accessories changes! 

It's a busy Wednesday for me, so I'll be running around in my lulu all day, checking off my list!

Cheers to you!

xo, Katelyn

Katelyn Melo2 Comments