Life isn't all Diamonds and Rosè...


Photography by: Hope Taylor Photography

...but it should be -- Lisa Vanderpump

We've all done it - binged Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (or any city for that matter) and lusted over the luxury of time and unlimited funds to sip champagne over $18 salads at a luxurious lunch spot on what seems to be the perfect weather!

I don't know about how your days go, but I'm sure they're a little like mine. The alarm goes off a little too early, breakfast is a Larabar in the car, the morning is a whiz of to-do lists, conference calls, and e-mails, lunch is a not-so-glamorous salad in a not-so-glamorous plastic container, the afternoon is a caffeine binge to get through more conference calls and meetings and e-mails, and the evening is an attempt at the gym, and finally cobbling together something healthy to eat.

But then,  there is this moment at the end of the day where something magical happens - you stop. You breathe, and you realize all of those seemingly monotonous obligations you felt throughout the day had tiny sparkles of joy in them. For me, I realized that the things that happen between 7:30am and 7:30pm were the things that I felt obligated to do, but they were also things that I found joy in.

Welcome to the pursuit of lovely - a place to find joy in the everyday. A place where something as basic and simple as a white button down and boyfriend jeans can become a statement with sparkly pink Manolos. 

Cheers to you!  

Xo Katelyn




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